Video of actual current condition:

These are in great condition with some minor superficial blemishes. Has some protective tape on the arms.

Never crashed and works great.

Computer included to perform firmware updates.

-172,5 50/34
-includes magnets and placing guide
-different color battery covers
-SGX CA500 touch screen headunit Sports/Cycle Computers/SGX-CA500?fbclid=IwAR2VYOITtKjtWR7S4DZfwNNHsm4G2dJwTJr zR49SrbhrxFJp_v5G2Pr4Dek

Everything as you would receive from Pioneer or purchased from a retailer.

Details: Sports/Power Meters/SGY-PM80 SERIES POWER METER?fbclid=IwAR2om4cK3XvfutHQaMKJkVYv9TW-tDeBZJapVp0xZY7AoINqifzF4ez12KE

Pricing includes shipping in CONUS.
$530 for the crankset only.
$125 for the computer only.
$625 for everything.