Power Tap 2.4+ Carbon / Velocity A23 Wheel

Built with butted spokes and alloy nipples; wheel is very true. Velocity A23 wheels have a reputation as bomb proof and are often used in cyclocross since they can stand so much.

The hub has become finicky. I've used it with the following computers:
PT Cervo
PT Jewel
Garmin 800.

With both the Jewel and Garmin it had a habit of going in and out. Some days it worked fine and others the head wouldn't see the hub but, then would pick it up during the ride.

If you're looking to get into training with power or looking for a second power meter for another bike, this could be the way to do it on the cheap. You will need some patience at times. I've moved to power based pedals and it's just been sitting since March 2018. I did however just put fresh batteries in the hub.

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