I bought this high tech spoke tension tool because I thought I was going to use it, but it hasnt turned out that way and I am not building wheels.
This tool was bought new 4 years ago and cost $495.00. This is the DIGITAL version of the tool as they also made an Analog version too.
This one has a lot of high tech abilities that are way beyond what I need, including downloading and storing data to a computer, and I DO like the digital readout, I found that made it easier to see the numbers when I used it.
Used to build 1 pair of wheels and put away, in like NEW condition as the photos show.
Comes in plastic molded Storage Box with the Instructions for the Tool and one for the Mitutoyo Gauge too. The Gauge has a New battery.

There is a thick spoke that is used to check the Tools calibration, however, I have played around with this and discovered that the tool is calibrated and works perfectly but the supplied Metal Spoke seems to have bent slightly, it does not give repeatable results, the readings change depending on how the Test Spoke is inserted in the tool, and it doesnt serve any practical purpose, but I thought Id mention this. If you place it in the tool and check the tension, but then turn the metal spoke, the reading changes, just an FYI.

New LOWERED price: 329.00 with FREE DELIVERY via 2-3 day Priority Mail Service
I can also offer a Lay-away deal if it helps anyone.