This bike has been through the semi-restoration process. I purchased the bike in pieces over the summer from a lady in Peoria. It had belonged to her father-in-law who bought it originally here in Scottsdale.

Most all of the components are 100% original. The entire bike was completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned and reassembled. The only parts that have been replaced are the chain (new SRAM PC-830), the saddle (a used Specialized Phenom I had on hand), the tires (a set of Vitorria Rubino's with @ 300 miles of use), new tubes, new Neumann's cloth bar tape, new Tektro brake levers, a new seat binder bolt, and new shifter & brake cables & housings. The pedals are NOT included but I do have some plastic ones I will install if the buyer wants them.

The wheels were trued radially & laterally as best as possible. There is one slight flat spot in the rear rim, unnoticeable when riding with good air pressure in the tires. The hubs were completely disassembled, inspected & regreased before reassembling and adjusting. The cassette was removed, thoroughly cleaned then lubed before reinstallation. The headset was removed, thoroughly cleaned and packed with new grease before reassembling & adjusting. The bottom bracket was removed, cleaned and reassembled with fresh grease before adjusting.

The brakes, derailleurs and crankset are all original. All of these are in GOOD condition. The derailleurs do shift great but the original springs are a bit weak. The crankset is in great working condition but does have a faded finish. The brakes work nicely although new pads would help the stopping power. The new Tektro levers help with the power modulation as well.

The frame does show signs of aging & neglect. There are plenty of scratches and scrapes but overall the bike is very straight. The fork is in great condition although it does show signs of aging & neglect. The seatpost and stem are also original and have been coarse-sanded to provide a more uniform finish.

The seat tube measure 24 inches from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. The top tube measures 22 1/2 inches from the center of the seat tube to the center of the head tube. Looking through online guides, this would have been an X-Large in their sizing. I am 6'3" with a 36" inseam and it fits me very well.

I have ridden the bike to the bar and in the neighborhood since finishing the semi-restoration. It rides VERY smooth, shifts smoothly and stops well.

$80 is just an estimate for shipping. Actual shipping charges will be based on your zip code. If it comes up less, the charges will be less. If it comes up more, we'll figure something out!