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It's time to part with my beloved and under-utilized Independent Fabrication (IF) Planet X CX bike. This bike was never used for cross racing, it was used as my commuter bike, and all purpose bike when I was unable to ride my mountain bike. This is an awesome commuter and touring bike.

This is a steel bike, and it has been treated with frame saver for internal preservation. There are no dents, dings, bends, or issues aside from chain rub near the big ring. It's made from Columbus tubing, which is known to absorb a lot of road noise. It has regular dropouts, and does not have the rack or pump mounts because that would be foolish in my opinion.

The paint is gorgeous and in great shape overall.

The Ride The bike is a real pleasure to ride, it's smooth and the steel frame absorbs impact that otherwise gets sent to your spine or makes your teeth rattle. It handles very well. It 's a well designed and much tested bike, and it rides like it.

Parts List
We'll start with the extra special stuff and move on from there:
- Paul Cantilever brakes front and rear - these things are powerful canti's, and they are works of art
- Chris King headset
- Chris King Wheels, handbuilt, straight and true, and no flat spots (optional - see pricing for details) - the wheels and frame will take bigger tires
- Ultegra shifters
- Ultegra front and rear derailleurs
- Ultegra chain and cassette
- Ultegra bottom bracket
- Pedals are not included, and I'd prefer to keep my trusty Flite saddle to use on another bike - I have several other saddles to choose from. This is negotiable.

The bike is close to a stock 56cm, with the following specs:
- Top Tube = 55.625cm (actual), 56.7cm (effective)*
- Seat Tube = 53.75cm*
- Head Tube = 16.25cm*

I'm 6' and 168lbs, with a 31-ish inseam.

* Note: I'm not using precision instruments to take these measurements. I'm using a tape measure (and a level to establish a horizontal plain for the effective measurement). A shorter or longer stem, a stem with rise or drop, and different bar can have a significant impact on reach and fit.

IF's Description
Described by IF as the original thoroughbred racer; the steel Planet X is a cyclocross race beast. Its full custom geometry and precise welds stand up to the brutal conditions of cyclocross.

The steel Planet X features added chainstay clearance for rapid evacuation of mud, a tall bottom bracket for clearing obstacles, ample room in the mainframe for portaging, and a front end that maximizes handling characteristics.