We can Help with all your ritchey Needs!

Save up to $1000.00

We have the new Ritchey Full Carbon in stock also

A complete Bike that packs into a travel case for airline travel or in the back seat of a car. Special Tom Ritchey Cuplars that keep it clean , light and strong.

E-mail for a price sheet: [email protected] att. net

We will appreciate your business will take good care of your needs.

Here a bike I use myself every day and travel with the same bike, I have never paid airline bike fee and have made over 100 trips on my ritchey Break-away , this will be you best bike ever!

Frameset or complete builds

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e-mail: [email protected] att.net

We get customter feed back amost weekly like this we will take good care of you also.

Hi Steve,
I have been riding my Ritchey Breakaway for one month now (54cm, SRAM Rival, Zetta wheels, lizard skin handlebar tapeÖ) . Thank you for such a fabulous bike! Itís a beautiful machine and a pure joy to ride.
Although Iíve been cycling for 33 years, I knew little about all the components that go into building a bike. I had to greatly rely on your expertise to build a bike of good quality for a good value. It was a leap of faith on my part since it was the most money Iíve spent on a bicycle. However, Iím glad I trusted your judgement. Thanks to you, I have an outstanding travel/tour bicycle. And, as you suggested, learning how to assemble/disassemble my bike makes me a better rider.
Warm regards,
Cindy Fewell

Hi Steve,
I wanted to let you know that I received the replacement frame. A very sincere THANK-YOU to you for your incredible customer service. I'm not sure I have ever previously, in any consumer area, experienced such prompt and responsive customer service. You guys should be proud of what you have going there!

I will reach back out to you next trip and make a call on the bike for my son.

Thanks again.