Is mountain biking your thing, but you want to give the skinny tires a shot? Or, is road biking your thing, but you want to quit feeling like a completely pathetic pansy for using gears? Maybe you already have 5 bikes and can't resist the call of something simple yet lovely?

Well, whoever you are and whatever your situation is: BUY MY BIKE!!! It's shiny, cheap, and fun.

In case you're totally boring and need more information, here it is. Blah, blah, blah...
* Frameset: 59 cm Kona Bandwagon, 4130 Steel, Chrome plated, oversized headtube, two water bottle cages, brake mount provisions too - It's a beacon of awesomeness.
* Wheels: H Son TB14 Polished Aluminum (23 mm wide) with Surly Ultra New Hubs and DT Swiss Spokes and Nipples - These things are stiff, round, and roll fast. The rear is fixed/free.
* Headset: FSA Integrated, white - So nice you notice once then forget it because it works.
* Handlebars: Black Market Bikes 50mm riser bar trimmed to 630mm - There's a tacky logo on it your wife is sure to hate, thus making you love the bike even more (and possibly your wife a little less).
* Grips: Seriously, you want to know? They're WTB Wolverine in black and gray. Zzz...
* Stem and Seatpost : Thomson, silver - Soooo pretty n' stiff...
* Saddle: Brooks C17, 168 - Wide and comfortable like your favorite sofa.
* Brake Levers: No idea who makes these things but they are amazing. Tra, la, la...
* Brakes - Velo Orange Grand Cru Long Reach, Black. They slow you down and stop you. Tres chique!
* Tires: Continental GP 4000 S2, 25c - You will probably want to replace the rear one at some point in your future but you can ride it for a while.
* Crank: FSA F. Giomondi, polished with a 46t Chainring - People will compliment your crank. It will always feel a bit weird when they do. How do you even respond?
* Freewheel: 16t, 17t, 20t - You get them all and maybe an extra chain too. So many decisions...
* Frame Pump: Blackburn mini, white - Backoff Haters!
* Pedals: Ultegra 6800 clipless - Don't pedal squares, dude.
* H2O Cages: Blackburn, White and Carbon - Grippy and and oddly attractive...


P.S. - I'll drop off the bike for free if you live somewhere in the DFW area.