Yo, grandpa! Have you always wanted a sweet Ti bike that will fit a little-wider road tires? Well, if so (and you're not short), keep on reading...

Up for sale is my 58cm Kona Ti Esatto road bike. It has a sweet Lynskey-made titanium frame, full carbon fork, Dura Ace 11 speed groupset, and two sets of wheels. Yes, you get a spare set of wheels with this bike. It's suuuuuper smooooooth and a joy to ride while still racking up the occasional KOM, at least on lightly ridden country road segments in East Texas :-)

If you're the kind of dude that wants to drool over the details, here they are. This bike is awesome and I still really enjoy riding it, but I'm ready for something new.

* Frameset: 58 cm Kona Ti Esatto (Reach: 392, Stack: 615)
* Primary Wheelset: Dura Ace 11 speed hubs with DT Swiss spokes/nipples and HED Belgium Plus Tubeless rims
* Spare Wheelset: American Classic Hubs with DT Swiss spokes/nipples and American Classic Tubeless rims
* Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece, black, 27.2 mm diameter, 330 mm length
* Saddle: Sell Italia Flite Ti with cutout
* Stem: Thomson X2, black, 100 mm length
* Handlebars: Salsa Cowbell, black, 46 mm wide (sooo freakin' amazing...)
* Handlebar Tape: Lizard Skins DSP 3.0, black
* Crank: Dura Ace 11 spd, 52x39, 175 mm (I have a 36t ring that you can have as well. It's very easy to swap if you're going to be doing a lot of climbing.)
* Derailleurs: Dura Ace 11 spd (The rear is cosmetic scratching from falling over on some gravel. Unfortunately, my right butt cheek took the overwhelming majority of the impact.)
* Shifters: Dura Ace 11 spd (There is some scratching on the right shifter. It's cosmetic only.)
* Cassette: Ultegra 11 spd, 11x28 (Dura Ace 11 spd wasn't available at the time.)
* Tires: Continental Grand Prix 4000 S2, black, 25c

Feel free to reach our with any questions.