Rode this about a dozen times, and it's just too big for me. Could basically pass for new-old-stock. It's light, it's freaking seriously stiff: it's the real thing, baby. Good frame for your pet gorilla, the cockpit is LONG. See Giant's specs for complete details (

The ISP on this frame has been cut, measures 78 cm from BB centre to the saddle rails with the clamp in the forward position. Included are 27.5 mm worth of spacers to raise the saddle height, so the MAXIMUM SADDLE HEIGHT EVER on this frame is 807.5 from BB centre to the rails. The steerer is cut to 28 cm.

Included are a spare headset and derailleur hanger, the gizmo for the Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor and magnets, and the shitty jig for cutting the ISP. I'll throw in 90, 100, and 110 mm stems, with the 90 being the super-fancy white carbon one. If you need a different length stem, I can oblige. Easy-peasy.

It currently has a Campy Ultra-Torque BB cupset installed; I can leave or remove this, whatevs.

Price is CAN$1000 OBO. Good deal for Americans eh. Shipping will be a bit extra, but not much, because it weighs next to nothing.