Young triathlete? Kids want to keep up with you on the road? This is the bike for them!! Great race bikes for kids are so hard find.

Fuji Ace 650 small road bike for kids (probably ages 9-14, depending on height) or small adults. EXCELLENT cosmetic and mechanical condition with several upgrades, taking this from a decent bike, to an GREAT bike! Well maintained, tuned, and is so smooth on the road.

Frame: Alloy
Frame Size: 13.75"
Wheel Size: 650c
Shifting: Shimano 7-speed (2x7)

Upgrades :
- Replaced the cheap (and frankly, dangerous) top-mounted shifters to Shimano integrated shifters/brakes - can brake and shift without removing hands from handlebars
- Replaced the cheap "Tourney" rear derailleur with a solid Shimano 7-speed derailleur
- Converted rear axle to a quick-release - lighter, and much easier to remove rear wheel to fix a flat, put the bike in a car trunk, etc.

Would like to selll LOCALLY - Boston, MA (or Metrowest) area. Will ship, but shipping will likely be around $80.