This is hard to type... I'm selling my beloved Felt F1 (size 58cm).

This bike is decked out...I put a TON into this bike and it's been a dream.

Here we go...
- The Frameset is extra special. Read through, it's a long story but turns out to be a fairly new ripper of a frameset...
Years ago, I was able to purchase a Felt F1 frameset that was earmarked for a certain pro tour team that switched to another frame manufacturer last minute after slipstreaming through France, Italy and Spain (see what I did there?). What does this mean? This frame may or may not have (Felt might not like me saying that's a for sure thing) a stiffer/more-efficient carbon layup...especially around the BB (which is a standard BB because the team was riding Shimano at the time and they did not do BB30 back then). I loved it, I raced it hard. After I stopped racing (family/kid/etc...), I cracked it .............But was able to get another of the same frame from Felt! Therefore this frameset has never been raced, crashed and barely ridden (I'm more MTB nowadays). It utilizes the same "Inside Out" carbon layup they use on current frames, which is a very trick and special way to make a bada$$ frameset. I know story kind of sounds unbelievable, but I'm serious.

Ok, so the frame is the cream of the crop and so are the components:

SRAM Red (Shifters, brakes, cassette 11-25, front and rear deraileurs)
Rotor 3D Crankset (with the dynamic trinity drilling) with SRAM Red chainrings
Ritchey 38mm WCS Carbon Clinchers (amazeballs)
Ritchey Superlogic Carbon LINK Seatpost
Ritchey Superlogic Carbon VectorEVO Streem Saddle
Ritchey Superlogic C260 Stem 110mm (best in the world IMHO)
Ritchey WCS Carbon EvoCurve Bar
Ritchey WCS Race Slick 25c Tires
Ritchey WCS Bar tape (dirty AF...sorry)

When I would pop on 50mm Carbon Tubulars for racing, it was down in the LOW 14 lbs range. I don't have a scale now, but guessing low/mid 15 lbs as is.

Pedals not included. Serious offers will be entertained.