The Deluxe Serfas Sidewinder Travel Case. This model has 2 sets of Rolling Wheels and a Collapsible Luggage Handle, so it can be rolled HORIZONTALLY or UPRIGHT too, like Airport Luggage.
I bought this Hardshell Travel Case new a few years ago but it has NOT been Used or on any trips. It has some minor cosmetic marks from being moved around and stored in my garage.

Meets UPS Size requirements.
Measures: 47 x 30 x 11
Comes with 3 pieces of Closed Cell Foam to encase the bike.
8 Steel Corners for protection
Has a HINGED Lid
Weighs 33 lbs.

Was $459.00 New.
RBR priced $329.00 (if necessary, shipping tbd)
My Email:

Prefer LOCAL Pickup in Los Angeles, or Shipping To Be Determined.